Car cleaning like a new car only in the academy

Car Cleaning 방문운전연수

How do you feel when your car is cleaned and shined up? Good or bad? Obviously, good! A well-kept car works perfectly as it glides down the road or stands in your garage. Also, you’d assume that it can drive even finer.

However, if you like your vehicle to be truly gorgeous, you must also handle the dirt and dust under the engine. How you can keep it clean, the question is this.

Today, I am here to discuss the multiple ways of car cleaning. So, let’s get take a gander at it!


How do cleaning a vehicle car in simple steps?

First and foremost, you must understand how to clean your car simply and easily. So, by following these steps, you can wash your vehicle quickly and effectively. 인천운전연수

So, let’s get this conversation start!

  1. Time Schedule

You must choose a bright day if possible. Hot weather, particularly low dampness with some breeze, will help in the drying of the vehicle and its parts after washing the car.

  1. Cooldown the Car

If the automobile or car was running at the time, open the bonnet and let the vehicle settle for at least 15 minutes.

  1. Remove any cover from Hood

Under the engine, eliminate any plastic covering. Alternatively, these can be cleansed. Also, disconnect the battery’s current source.

  1. Cover Sensitive Parts

Wrap any delicate electronic components, such as the batteries, ignite cables, and power control system, with plastic cases. Underneath the bonnet, if there is an uncovered engine air inlet, you will have to conceal it as well.

  1. Degrease the Engine

Degreaser should be sprayed all over the engine compartment. Any domestic cleanser will suffice for this. No matter, it is a dish cleanser or a motor degreaser designed for engines, it will work fine.

  1. Scrub

You do not have to scrub your engines based on how dusty it is. It is based on other parts, such as the valve cover that may be slathered with years of oil and debris. A little brush with polyester fibers will help push the degreaser into the surface and remove the dirt.

  1. Rinse

You could use a pressure washer on a level surface if you have one. Also, a normal stream will suffice. You can use the nozzle at a local DIY laundromat. Moving from start to end, wash the whole area to remove all degreaser.

  1. Dry and Replace

You can blow an air compressor into the cracks and crevices to eliminate extra water with air pressure. Alternatively, you can use a trade towel or cloth to thoroughly clean everything that you can touch.

After that strip the covers protecting the electronic systems and reconnect the current source on the batteries.

  1. Repeat

Within only an hour, a short degreasing every year or two will maintain your vehicle reasonably perfect and clean.


Some Steps to Avoid

While washing your car, keep the following steps in your mind;

  • Don’t use a car wash

  • Don’t wash your car in direct sunlight
  • Don’t use an abrasive sponge for scrubbing

  • Don’t use a mechanical buffer
  • Don’t use cockpit shine type products



Above I have mentioned all the methods of car cleaning in detail to provide you full ease and comfort. So, cleaning your car is no more a difficult task for you.

I mentioned in detail all the ways to wash your car to provide you with comfort and comfort. Cleaning the car is no longer difficult.

It’s time to know your feedback about this write-up. So, don’t feel hesitant and share your remarks with me!

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